5 Tequilas to Try This National Tequila Day

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el-amo-tequila     July 24th is National Tequila Day where people around the world celebrate the distilled spirit made from the blue agave plant. If you go to your liquor store, you will see an endless shelf of tequilas from Blancos, Reposados to Añejo. Which one do you choose?

     First, look at the label, Blanco, Silver, Gold, Reposado, Añejo are common descriptors. This will indicate the type of tequila in the bottle.  Blanco (Silver): This tequila is not aged. Its appearance is clear and transparent. It is bottled immediately after the distillation process. Oro (Gold): This tequila is generally not aged. Ingredients include 51% agave and 49% sugar alcohol. Caramel, fructose, glycerin and wood flavoring are usually added to simulate aging.  Añejo (Aged): It is Blanco tequila that has been aged in white oak casks for more than a year but less than 3 years. Ingredients include 100% agave. The amber color and woody flavor are picked up from the oak. Reposado (Rested): It is Blanco that has been kept in white oak casks from 2 to 11 months. Ingredients include 100% agave.

     Next, check the purity. Only tequila made with 100% blue agave is labeled as such. You will avoid nasty hangovers choosing all agave to a mixto (tequilas that includes sugars).

    You will typically find Blanco or Reposado tequilas in a margarita.  Blancos will produce a smoother taste while Reposados lend a unique complimenting flavor due to the aging in wood. Añejos, which are mostly more expensive are generally considered a sipping tequila.

   We usually consume our tequila in one of our favorite margarita recipes but you can’t go wrong with a good Añejo from a snifter.

5 Tequilas to Try This National Tequila Day:


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The History of Tequila: All You Need To Know
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