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Our First Place Margarita

By August 25, 2008News
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Margarita and Salsa Festival 2008

This past Saturday, Margarita Texas competed for the title of best individual margarita at the 13th Annual Margarita and Salsa Festival in Waco, TX and succeeded in taking home the coveted first place trophy.  The competition produced some remarkable margaritas but we impressed the judges enough with our Cavalino tequila based Cherry Bomb Margarita to stand out above the rest.

The line at our booth was incredible and at times reached halfway across the entire arena, surpassing that of any of our competitors. As word traveled throughout the festival of our mouth watering beverage, eager margarita enthusiasts swarmed our table seeking the eventual award winning drink.  By the end of the hour and thirty minute tasting, we had gone through over 13 gallons of margarita, 160 limes and nearly 24 pounds of cherries.

This year, we broadcast live from our booth in the contest area to our website for the first time and experienced mixed results.  While everything started off great, the video stopped about 15 minutes into the event,   So for those of though that showed up and had a still image on the screen, we apologize and hope you join us for future broadcasts as we will have any problems worked out.  This technology will allow a great place for margarita lovers to gather and watch exciting events such as this festival.

We want to thank everyone that made our second trip to this event a huge success including our dedicated volunteers, Cavalino tequila and the hosts of the event, the Arthritis Foundation. Next year we look forward to seeing everyone again as we defend our title.

Preparation for the event
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Review Crathco 3311
Margarita and Salsa Festival 2008