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Las Mañanitas Mexican Restaurant – Richmond

Las Mañanitas Mexican Restaurant - Richmond

Las Manaitas Margaritas in Richmond, TexasAddress: 9825 S Mason Rd, Richmond, TX 77406

Our Rating: 2halfritas

Type of Margarita Tasted: Herradura Anejo

Review: Las Mananita’s has three restaurants in Texas and we were finally able to make it out for the first time to their Richmond location (They also have businesses in Katy and Cypress) . When ordering our margarita, the server immediately asked what type of tequila we would like to use and named off about six different choices including popular brands like Herradura, Don Julio and Patron. He said there was no difference in price so we went for the Herradura anejo, what we generally consider a sipping tequila and costs more per bottle when purchasing at a liquor store. Might as well, right?

The drinks were delivered in generous sized glasses with salt lining the rim with a lime wedge for garnish.  The contents looked a tad thick but the color had a nice visual appeal. On first sip, our taste buds were greeted with sweetness followed by a subtle tequila flavor.  While the cocktail possessed a pleasant flavor, we wished that the tequila popped a little more to balance out the drink. We could definitely taste the tequila so that was a plus over some restaurants we have visited in the past. Overall, the margaritas at Las Mananitas were above average. It is possible that the typically bolder flavors of a reposado might have steered this drink to a higher rating so we may have to make another visit to experiment.

Las Mananitas Mexican Restaurant

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Las Mananitas Mexican Restaurant 29.659399, -95.734741 Las Mananitas Mexican Restaurant Review

Del Friscos Grille – Houston

Del Friscos Grille - Houston

del-frisco-grille-margaritaAddress: 2800 Kirby Dr, Ste A132, Houston, TX 77098

Our Rating: 2halfritas

Type of Margarita Tasted: Pomegranate Margarita – Camarena Reposado Tequila, Cointreau, Pom Juice, Splash of Fresh Lime Sour

Review: This was our first trip to Del Frico’s Grille, located on Kirby Drive. We had heard the food is excellent so tasting out their food and drink offerings seemed like a perfect addition to our website.  We have a delicious pomegranate margarita recipe on our website but figuring we have never done a side by side, we would’t immediately not know know how it compares to Del Friscos version.

The ingredients offered on the menu have the making of a delicious drink. Camarena, while on the lower cost wise of a blanco tequila  made our 5 Best Cheap Tequila for Margarita list back in April.  This is one of our go to blanco tequilas for margaritas due to flavor and cost. The other ingredients featured on their menu had the potential to compliment this margarita perfectly.

We only ordered one but had all four at our table sample the pomegranate creation. The consensus was that the drink had an extremely smooth taste and reminded each of being somewhere tropical sipping on a beach worthy cocktail. Each flavor was well represented and none dominated the easy drinking beverage which had the perfect balance of tequila and mild sweetness from the pomegranate.

If you have tried the pomegranate margarita at Del Frisco’s Grille, leave us a comment below. Also, check out the pomegranate margarita recipe on our website if you want to make something similar at home. Please let us know how it compares.

Del Friscos Grille

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Del Friscos Grille 29.740797, -95.419296 Del Frisco\'s Grille Review

Texas Mesquite Grill – Cypress

Texas Mesquite Grill - Cypress

texas-mesquite-grillAddress: 27104 Northwest Freeway, Cypress, TX 77429

Our Rating: 2halfritas

Type of Margarita Tasted: “100% agave tequila margarita”

Review: A Texas Mesquite Grill recently opened in Cypress and with “Texas” in the name we made it a priority to head over to this location. While it seems a lot of the focus is on craft beer as they have a two page menu dedicated to them, their drink menu does list a few other cocktails including margaritas.

If we are being completely honest, before taking one sip we didn’t expect a lot from the cocktail. Experiences of margaritas at non-Mexican Restaurants or specialty bars we have tried have been mostly misses. To our surprise, this margarita was well above average. While expecting an overly sugary thick drink, this one was an easy drinking slightly tart beverage. There was enough sweetness in the background that provided the necessary balance. The margarita tasted of fresh lime juice and we could taste the tequila mildly throughout each sip.

Overall this is a well mixed drink and since the initial tasting and the day of this post, we have been back and another was ordered. If you happent o find yourself at this restaurant and are not into craft beer or just want to change it up a bit, we recommend trying one of the margaritas

Have you had a chance to stop by any of the Texas mesquite Grill locations to sample their margaritas? Tell us in the comments below about your experience with their version of the drink.

Texas Mesquite Grill

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Texas Mesquite Grill 29.979396, -95.714785 Texas Mesquite Grill Review
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