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El Big Bad – Downtown Houston

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elgranmalo-margarita1Address: 419 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002

Our Rating: 3halfritas

Type of Margarita Tasted: Strawberry-habanero vanilla, Pineapple-habanero ginger, Jalepeno-hibiscus and Blueberry jalapeno cilantro

Review: El Big Bad is considered by many to be one of the top spots in Houston to grab a margarita. Their variety of infused tequilas and numerous margarita combinations makes this Downtown Houston location stand out.

Starting with a margarita straight off their menu, we chose the blueberry jalapeno cilantro margarita.   The spice was more on the tame side and the blueberry added a hint of sweetness. The pineapple-habanero ginger was one of our favorites of the night. The margarita had a nice kick and melded perfect with pineapple.  Continuing with our theme of spicy concoctions, we moved on to the Jalepeno-hibiscus. The drink had undertones of  a sourness ending with the heat from the jalapeno.  We can’t really say that strawberry and habanero vanilla worked particularly well together but part of the fun is assembling your own creation like a mad agave scientist.

If you are unsure of what flavors work best, we have always found the bartenders and waitstaff to be extremely helpful in assisting with your drink. You also can not go wrong with choosing one of the many margaritas they have put together on their cocktail menu. If you are in Houston, we recommend stopping by El Big Bad as it also made our list of best margaritas in Houston.

El Big Bad

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El Big Bad 29.761260, -95.362479 El Big Bad Review
Baja Grill Grapevine Texas

Baja Grill – Grapevine

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Address: 1119 William D Tate Ave. Grapevine, TX 76051

Baja Grill Grapevine Texas

Our Rating: 2halfritas

Type of Margarita Tasted: Cucumber Jalapeno margarita & Perfect Bajarita

Review: We recently visited the Dallas area for a few days and as usual, we had to stop for margaritas. The first place that caught our eye and was recommended by locals was Baja Grill in Grapevine. This restaurant was nearby where we were staying so we decided to drop in for a few adult beverages.

The drink menu contained several variations and we eventually ordered what appeared to be their signature drink. The Perfect Bajarita contained Silver Patron Tequila, Cointreau Liqueur and Patron Citronage and appeared to have potential. Lime was the pronounced flavor with sweetness just behind. Overall it was a balanced drink and just above average.

When the waiter came back, we asked if they had any spicy cocktails. The waiter suggested a cucumber jalapeno margarita which was not on the menu. The drink arrived with floating pieces of jalapeno peppers among the ice. This drink was more refreshing mostly because of the presence of cucumber. We wished the spiciness came through more but were able to achieve this by mashing the jalapeno bits a little more with our straw. We preferred this drink over the Perfect Bajarita.

Overall, we enjoyed the drinks at Baja Grill. The bartenders excelled at maintaining a balance between sweet and sour and lime and spice. If you have tried their margaritas, let us know in the comments below. Did you have any off menu drinks?

Baja Grill

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Baja Grill 32.928123, -97.086078 Baja Grill Review

Las Mañanitas Mexican Restaurant – Richmond

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Las Manaitas Margaritas in Richmond, TexasAddress: 9825 S Mason Rd, Richmond, TX 77406

Our Rating: 2halfritas

Type of Margarita Tasted: Herradura Anejo

Review: Las Mananita’s has three restaurants in Texas and we were finally able to make it out for the first time to their Richmond location (They also have businesses in Katy and Cypress) . When ordering our margarita, the server immediately asked what type of tequila we would like to use and named off about six different choices including popular brands like Herradura, Don Julio and Patron. He said there was no difference in price so we went for the Herradura anejo, what we generally consider a sipping tequila and costs more per bottle when purchasing at a liquor store. Might as well, right?

The drinks were delivered in generous sized glasses with salt lining the rim with a lime wedge for garnish.  The contents looked a tad thick but the color had a nice visual appeal. On first sip, our taste buds were greeted with sweetness followed by a subtle tequila flavor.  While the cocktail possessed a pleasant flavor, we wished that the tequila popped a little more to balance out the drink. We could definitely taste the tequila so that was a plus over some restaurants we have visited in the past. Overall, the margaritas at Las Mananitas were above average. It is possible that the typically bolder flavors of a reposado might have steered this drink to a higher rating so we may have to make another visit to experiment.

Las Mananitas Mexican Restaurant

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Las Mananitas Mexican Restaurant 29.659399, -95.734741 Las Mananitas Mexican Restaurant Review