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Texas Mesquite Grill – Cypress

Texas Mesquite Grill - Cypress

texas-mesquite-grillAddress: 27104 Northwest Freeway, Cypress, TX 77429

Our Rating: 2halfritas

Type of Margarita Tasted: “100% agave tequila margarita”

Review: A Texas Mesquite Grill recently opened in Cypress and with “Texas” in the name we made it a priority to head over to this location. While it seems a lot of the focus is on craft beer as they have a two page menu dedicated to them, their drink menu does list a few other cocktails including margaritas.

If we are being completely honest, before taking one sip we didn’t expect a lot from the cocktail. Experiences of margaritas at non-Mexican Restaurants or specialty bars we have tried have been mostly misses. To our surprise, this margarita was well above average. While expecting an overly sugary thick drink, this one was an easy drinking slightly tart beverage. There was enough sweetness in the background that provided the necessary balance. The margarita tasted of fresh lime juice and we could taste the tequila mildly throughout each sip.

Overall this is a well mixed drink and since the initial tasting and the day of this post, we have been back and another was ordered. If you happent o find yourself at this restaurant and are not into craft beer or just want to change it up a bit, we recommend trying one of the margaritas

Have you had a chance to stop by any of the Texas mesquite Grill locations to sample their margaritas? Tell us in the comments below about your experience with their version of the drink.

Texas Mesquite Grill

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Texas Mesquite Grill 29.979396, -95.714785 Texas Mesquite Grill Review

Casa Rio – San Antonio

Casa Rio - San Antonio
Casa Rio - San Antonio

Casa Rio – San Antonio

Address: 430 East Commerce Street, San Antonio, TX 78205

Our Rating: 2halfritas

Type of Margarita Tasted: Reposado margarita

Review: According to their website, Casa Rio was the first San Antonio business to open it’s doors to the river and take advantage it’s setting. We visited on a busy night and were seated outdoors right on the Riverwalk. A cold front was coming through at the time which is why you see a shot of Patron in the picture to the left of the margarita. If you didn’t know, tequila can warm you up quick when in shot form. At first sip of the resposado margarita, there was an initial blast of equal parts lime and tequila. The cocktail was slightly sour with enough sweetness popping through to provide adequate balance. Casa Rio serves an above average margarita and we recommend trying what they have to offer for yourself. Though. try eating inside when Texas experiences lower than usual temperatures. They do have several tequilas to choose from if your jacket doesn’t warm you up enough.

Have you sampled the margaritas at Casa Rio? Leave us a comment below on what version you sampled and what you thought about the drink.

Casa Rio

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Casa Rio 29.423564, -98.488141 Casa Rio Review

Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano – Grapevine

Esparza's Restaurante Mexicano - Grapevine

SAMSUNGAddress: 124 E Worth St, Grapevine, TX 76051

Our Rating: 2halfritas

Type of Margarita Tasted: Don Julio Reposado and Grand Marnier

Review: We have visited numerous restaurants throughout Texas reviewing margaritas but have never posted one from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano in Grapevine becomes the first from this region of the Lone Star State . On this visit, we specifically requested a margarita made with Don Julio Reposado and Grand Marnier in lieu of going straight to their house margarita. You will almost always get a better quality tequila and orange liqueur if you order a specialty margarita than what the restaurant is offering as their house cocktail. This version had a medium consistency almost leaning more towards thin. The flavor had a decent ratio of lime to tequila but there was a lingering sweetness that threw off the overall balance. While the sugar presence was definitely not cloying, we would have preferred that part of the margarita to be toned down just a tad. Overall the drink was refreshing and a slightly above average margarita.

Esparza's Restaurante Mexicano

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Esparza\'s Restaurante Mexicano 32.937388, -97.077303 Esparza\'s Restaurante Mexicano Review
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