La Fiesta – Waco

By March 28, 2013December 13th, 2013Margarita Reviews
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la-fiestaAddress: 3815 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76710

Our Rating:       2halfritas

Type of Margarita Tasted: House frozen margarita

Ingredients Listed on Menu: none

Review: La Fiesta in Waco has participated and placed in many of the Margarita and Salsa Festivals held each year in the city. We had read many positive recommendations on their drinks so we decided to stop by for our own taste. The frozen jumbo is poured straight from their margarita machine with what appeared to be the alcohol poured over top of the thick lime base. This procedure caused the drink to not mix properly so you either received a straw full of alcohol or oversweet mix. After vigorously stirring the drink to melt it down into something drinkable, unfortunately, we were left with just an average drink.

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La Fiesta 31.528724, -97.162261 La Fiesta Review  
La Lupita - The Woodlands
Maudie's Milagro - Austin


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