Margarita Reviews

Del Pueblo Mexican Restaurant – Northwest Houston

By Margarita Reviews

Address: 13235 Jones Rd, Houston, TX 77090

Our Rating: 4ritas

Type of Margarita TastedMargarita Especial

Ingredients Listed on MenuPatron Anejo Gold tequila, Grand Marnier and Sweet and Sour

Review: While looking at the menu at Del Pueblo Mexican Restaurant you are treated to a wide selection of reasonably priced margaritas. We ended up choosing a tasty version called the Margarita Especial . This drink has strong characteristics but goes down remarkably smooth. The sweetness is moderate and balances well with the freshness of the other ingredients.

Del Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

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Del Pueblo Mexican Restaurant 29.966805, -95.585367 Del Pueblo Mexican Restaurant Review

Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant – Waco

By Margarita Reviews

Address: 4719 S Jack Kultgen Expy, Waco, TXDon Carlos Mexican Restuarant - Margarita Review - Waco Texas - margaritas

Our Rating: 4ritas

Type of Margarita TastedPerfect Margarita, Patron Margarita

Ingredients Listed on Menu: N/A

Review: Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant in Waco has a generous variety of margaritas to fit any taste.  Both versions we had the opportunity to sample were mixed perfectly.  All of the ingredients were able to shine with a pleasant agave taste at the front.  The balanced sweet and sour made it easy to order another.

Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

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Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant and Cantina 31.533382, -97.131202 Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant and Cantina Review

Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina – Cypress

By Margarita Reviews

Address: 25250 Northwest Fwy, Cypress, Texas 77429

Our Rating: 4ritas

Type of Margarita Tasted24K Margarita on the rocks, Don Julio Platinum frozen

Ingredients Listed on Menu24K Margarita – Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia anjeo tequila, fresh lime juice, Grand Marnier; Don Julio Platinum – Don Julio Blanco tequila, fresh lime juice and Grand Marnier

Review:  Don Julio’s is brand new to the Cypress area, also serving up margaritas at locations in Sea Brook and Dickinson.   We started the evening with the frozen Don Julio Platinum which came with the tequila poured directly over the top.  After stirring in the main ingredient, the lime flavor became pronounced and there was no alcohol burn.  Next came the “24K Margarita”, registering in at 19$ for a 10oz drink.  Typically, such an expensive tequila is better enjoyed all alone but we couldn’t resist ordering this off the menu.  The 24K was golden in color and had a slight orange presence.  Every sip was remarkably enjoyable and although we committed a tequila “no-no” it was definitely a flavorful experience.

Don Julios Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

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Don Julios Mexican Restaurant and Cantina 29.963448, -95.686636 Don Julios Mexican Restaurant and Cantina Review
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