Scenic Loop Cafe – San Antonio

By October 28, 2009May 20th, 2016Margarita Reviews
Rio Rio Cantina - San Antonio Riverwalk
Rosarios - San Antonio

Address: 25615 Boerne Stage Rd, San Antonio, TX 78255Scenic Loop Cafe Margarita Review in San Antonio Texas

Our Rating: 

Type of Margarita TastedTop Shelf Margarita and Sangria Margarita

Ingredients Listed on MenuTop Shelf Margarita – Antigua Cruz Anejo and Grand Marnier

Review:  Dining out on the patio at Scenic Loop Cafe provided the perfect environment for partaking in some serious margarita research.  The ingredients for our top shelf margarita were hand picked from the menu listing of various tequilas and orange liqueurs.  This was a notably flavorful margarita but the saccharine taste slightly outweighed the agave.  A bump in tequila or recalculation of sugar or mix could potentially make this a special drink.  On the other hand, the finely balanced sangria margarita could possibly be one of the best we’ve tasted.

Scenic Loop Cafe

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Scenic Loop Cafe 29.681649, -98.674649 Scenic Loop Cafe Review
Rio Rio Cantina - San Antonio Riverwalk
Rosarios - San Antonio


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