Xuco Xicana – Midtown Houston

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xuco xicana margarita houston texas review

Address: 2416 Brazos, Houston, TX 77006

Our Rating: 3halfritas

Type of Margarita TastedHouse Margarita

Ingredients Listed on Menunone

Review: Xuco Xicana replaced El Patio in the same location under a new name and restaurant concept. We previously reviewed their potent blue margaritas which still exist on the new menu.  This time around we went on the less venturous side and decided to sample the house margarita. The lime character dominated while letting through a subtle hint of tequila. While two of these may not knock you on the floor like its blue older brother, this margarita is extremely smooth and easy to drink.

Xuco Xicana

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Xuco Xicana 29.748888, -95.378167 Xuco Xicana Review
Barton Creek - Austin
Cyclone Anaya's - Houston