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Don Moy Extra Anejo Tequila Review

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  • July 17, 2016
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Don Moy Extra Anejo Tequila ReviewFor the first time on this website, we review a tequila in the extra anejo (“ultra-aged”) category, called Don Moy Extra Anejo. A relatively new class added back in 2006, this type of tequila is aged for more than 3 years in barrels. The additional aging time adds color and flavor from the extended barrel time.

As per style, Don Moy has a darker color than your typical tequila. It looks more like a whisky but once you pull the bottle top you immediately know its a different spirit. In the aroma, there is a nice sweetness followed by cooked agave and a decent amount of oak. The tequila is smooth from the aging process and carries a lot of complex flavors. Oak, vanilla and a touch of caramel round out the flavor.

The bottle is elegant in appearance with a wider bottle style which thins out on the sides. Each of their offerings comes in a nicely branded box which gives a higher end feeling. Don Moy extra anejo is around $52 a bottle in Texas which puts it towards the lower end for pricing in the extra anejo classification. This style of tequila can get rather pricey but this is a more affordable offering if you are looking to experience the style for the first time.

We didn’t toss this one into a margarita recipe as this one is good on it’s own. Our suggestion would be to sip this one neat. But, if you really wanted to put it into a cocktail, a spicy one like our jalapeno cilantro margarita recipe would probably pair nicely with the oak sweetness in this tequila.

Have you had a chance to try this tequila or any extra anejo yet? Let us know your favorites in the comment section below.



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