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Sangre De Vida Corazon Blanco Tequila Review

Copita Anejo Tequila Review

In Texas, enough snow or sleet to accumulate on the ground to even build the tiniest snowman is rare. A day after receiving a unique bottle of Sangre de Vida Corazon Blanco tequila, this exact unique occurrence happened. It made for a nice day indoors and the perfect time to try a new tequila.

The heart shaped bottle design easily becomes one of our top favorites. A few of the companies other offerings come in skull shaped bottles but this one takes human anatomy to the next level. The details and color on this bottle are amazing and once empty, will not end up in the recycling bin.

When popping open the top of this tequila we were instantly greeted with one of the best aromas of a blanco we have sampled.   Notes of vanilla, green pepper and pepper were dominate and all blended perfectly together. The taste continued with pepper and vanilla standing out the most.   This was a smooth tequila and excellent for sipping.

This release appears to have limited availability with distribution to Texas as one of the states. The bottle and its contents run around $39.99 which is borderline “do I sip it” or “ah, lets throw it in a margarita.”  We did both. If you can find a bottle of Sangre De Vida Corazon blanco, pick up a bottle or two.  Have you had the opportunity to get your hands on this tequila? Leave your comments below on what you thought about the bottle and taste.


Sangre De Vida Margarita Recipe



All ingredients poured over ice into a tall mixing glass, shaken briskly, strained into chilled cocktail glass with salted rim (optional). Garnish with lime wheel.

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Tequila bottle photo by Marie Paugh Photography



Copita Anejo Tequila Review