Making a delicious margarita is easy with Margarita Texas Mix.

In March of 2022, my wife Michelle & I decided to purchase Margarita Texas Mix. We are very fortunate that we have acquired the perfect margarita mix, Margarita Texas. We have been a huge fan of Margarita Texas Mix for many years. In fact, I was the #1 reviewer of Margarita Texas Mix on Amazon. We love it! We have taken Margarita Texas Mix with us on vacation to Mexico and Florida several times. They have nothing that compares. We are very proud to be the new owners and we will continue to bring the same great Margarita Texas Mix to the party every time. We will always guarantee the quality and the freshness of Margarita Texas Mix. We have some new ideas and some exciting things planned for Margarita Texas Mix. We appreciate all of the customers that stayed with us through the transition and consider everyone to be part of the Margarita Texas Family. 

Margarita Texas Mix is an award winning mix winning 2nd place and then the next year 1st place at the Margarita and Salsa Festival in Waco, Texas. Our mix also scored a Gold Medal in a blind tasting by the Beverage Testing Institute We are very proud of Margarita Texas Mix and our plan is to keep it as the “Best Margarita Mix that I’ve ever tasted”!

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Have a great Margarita Texas Mix Day, Dale & Michelle