brent-and-marieWe want to help you make better margaritas. That is why we spend our time sampling margaritas and sharing our recipes with you. Making a delicious margarita should not be a laboring task and if you need to make many gallons for a party, we want to make it easy for you.

While dating, my now wife and I (Brent and Marie) shared a common interest of tasting margaritas together and comparing the many versions that Texas restaurants had to offer. In October of 2006, we created, a website chronicling our margarita consumption experiences at restaurants around Texas as well as an extensive compilation of popular recipes. Since then, we have visited numerous restaurants around Texas, responsibly sampling hundreds of variations. In 2007, we entered our first margarita competition at the Margarita and Salsa Festival in Waco, Texas and won 2nd place for our Cherry Bomb Margarita. The following year, we won 1st place for a modified version of the recipe and have won numerous awards since.

Our passion for the world’s number one cocktail inspired us to create our own margarita mix. After it’s launch, Margarita Texas Mix scored a Gold Medal in a blind tasting by the Beverage Tasting Institute. We also used our own mix to create a first place margarita at the Waco festival.

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