bluemargarita-recipeUnique Margarita Glasses

There are many unique margarita glasses on the market. Quality is important as you do not want a glass that is too thin and breakable. We personally own several brands including the Libbey 4−pc. Cozumel Margarita Set CLEAR 4 Pc Set (which  you see in the picture to the right) which has a solid design and we’ve seen these at many restaurants around Texas.

We personally prefer glass over plastic for general home usage.  For a party or outdoors, it might be wise to choose plastic over glass. Everyone has rowdy friends or those who can get a little clumsy even after one margarita. You wouldn’t want someone breaking your brand new glasses.

Why do you need more than one style of glass? Sure, if you are drinking a frozen margarita on the back porch after work, you probably don’t need a colorful decorative glass with a curvy stem. You might want to go with a more standard functional glass. If you are entertaining guests or having a nice dinner, it is more likely you want to break out your fancy glassware to serve up your favorite cocktail.

Below are a few margarita glass designs that you can use to hold one of your favorite margarita recipes.

Margarita Glasses