An Unsuccessful Attempt at Creating The World’s Largest Margarita

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Drink a Margarita on International Beer Day
Margarita Most Popular Cocktail in US


UPDATE 5/28/2016 — It’s been a little over a year since we ran this campaign and while it was fun creating, we faced several challenges. First, we originally wanted to run it on Kickstarter and while they initially said our concept was good to go through email, it was eventually denied during publishing.  They said the compaign was not the right fit and did not provide further explanation. We rushed to move it to Indigogo but felt like Kickstarter was a better fit due to their much larger user base and the media buzz that usually comes along with interesting and well put together campaigns on their platform.  It was discouraging but we moved over the other crowdfunding site.

We did get one or two articles written about it which was positive but we could have reached out to more influencers to get it in front of a wider audience. We did post on our website, social media accounts and email list but just could not pick up any traction. We should have also created and published a video so viewer’s could see more of our personality and passion for the project.

After the project ended and we were seeking out information on how we could have organized the campaign better and ran across an article by Tim Ferriss called “Hacking Kickstarter: How to Raise $100,000 in 10 Days (Includes Successful Templates, E-mails, etc.).” This is the perfect playbook to launching a crowdfunding campaign. We suggest reading this before starting.

Would we do this again? Absolutely, but not with this idea. It’s still a goal to create the World’s Largest Margarita but will go about it in a different way. Creating a massive margarita to share with a large group of people for charity would be an amazing experience. Have you had a successful or unsuccessful crowd funding campaign? Let us know what you learned in the comments below.

About This Project

You probably can’t ride a unicycle for 24 hours straight and no matter how hard you try you’re never going to be tallest man or women in the world. But, you can be part of the community that helps create the official Guinness Book of World Records Largest Margarita.

We plan to create the World’s Largest Margarita and cannot do it without all of you margarita enthusiasts and tequila fanatics. The previous Guinness World Records holder sits at 10,500 gallons which is massive. Our goal is 12,000 gallons which some might call an insane task but we can accomplish this with your support and our knowledge of Google’s most searched cocktail in 2014.

After the goal is complete, we plan on throwing an event centered around this Liquid Wonder with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. Yes, we could sell the contents and make a few bucks but it only feels right that a margarita created by the community eventually gives back to the community.

Based on our timeline, we will hold the event where we create and reveal the World’s Largest Margarita at the beginning of October in the Houston, Texas area (the weather usually has cooled down a little from the brutal hot and humid Summer). We do not have an exact location yet and that is one of our challenges (see below), but when this is funded, who wouldn’t want to host the World’s Largest Margarita?

Thank You!

We appreciate your support and sharing this project with your friends and family. After you make your pledge, we encourage you leave a comment on what we should name this mammoth margarita, maybe we will choose yours. If you are feeling even more creative, maybe this project will inspire you to make the World’s Largest Nachos and we can really have a party!


Let’s build the World’s Largest Margarita.

Check our Indiegogo Campaign @

Drink a Margarita on International Beer Day
Margarita Most Popular Cocktail in US


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